Thank you to our valued conference partners

Gold Sponsor | CSIRO

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency, solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. It is one of the world’s largest multidisciplinary science and research organisations and has created healthier Australians, a more sustainable environment, entire new industries and new jobs, and grown the wealth of the nation. CSIRO delivers around $4.5 billion of benefit to the nation each year as a result of our science. CSIRO is an innovation catalyst, collaborating with industry, government, academia and the community to turn science into solutions, securing our future national prosperity.

CSIRO’s energy research focuses on solutions to ensure economic competitiveness and regional energy security while enabling the transition to a lower emissions energy future. In particular, CSIRO focuses on reducing building energy consumption, integrating distributed energy resources and enabling pathways to decentralised, low carbon electricity systems. Collaborating with government, industry and research bodies, CSIRO research guides Australia’s energy evolution to ensure secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems for the nation.

Conference Partner | GEER Australia

GEER aims to improve the energy related wellbeing of residential users through research and collaborative efforts with the government, not-for-profit and energy sectors. Research and activities carrier out by GEER primarily focus on energy efficiency as they relate to:

  • The quality of life, particularly for members of the community who are experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage. 
  • The affordability of energy in the home. 
  • Environmental sustainability. 

GEER’s purpose is to:

  • Reduce the impact of increasing energy costs on low income households. 
  • Address energy-related disadvantage. 
  • Work with the energy sector to devise workable strategies to improve people’s lives and their ability to afford and use energy. 
  • Work with government bodies to inform improved policies and regulations around energy. 
  • Collaborate with funding and community bodies to roll out and evaluate the impact of future energy efficiency programs. 

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