Market Failure – What needs to be fixed to improve residential energy efficiency

Market Failure – What needs to be fixed to improve residential energy efficiency


Marty Burgess and Tony Schaefer

Organisation of Presenter:

TAFE NSW, Australia


The Training Issue

This Paper will describe the market forces at play that directly influence the type and style of the training that an organisation like TAFE delivers. The paradox is that TAFE’s mandate is to deliver training that industry demands and be a leader in innovation and support change. We train our students to a high level in construction techniques, project management, safety and legal requirements but little in sustainability and innovation. The reason for this is that TAFE delivers the training required by industry and if industry does not choose sustainability units from the national training package for a trade qualification then it’s generally not delivered.
One solution to this is the importance of the creating strong links and collaborations with key influential players in the industry.
It can be demonstrated how a good collaborative partnership with UOW can help drive change and raise the level of awareness within its participants. The concept of where the “Theory meets the Practice” is demonstrated in its worth via this close relationship between a University and Trade College.
Also the need to include the supply chain in any major paradigm shift, the links in the chain from design to supply to installation to maintenance needs to be included to support the raised level of awareness and ensure its on-going sustainability from not only an environmental point of view but its economic value and societal effects such as jobs for example in the yet to be fully realised area of alternate technologies.


In conclusion, the Paper will make recommendations for ways for organisations like TAFE can foster change and ensure its ongoing review so that just not a new level of awareness and action is created but one which constantly looks for innovation and allows continual improvement as the model.
To develop and deliver co-teaching models with the University, industry organisations and suppliers to create a high level of exposure to new and emerging technologies and ideas.
And of most importance to ‘walk the talk’.