Australian Retrofitted Triple Glazed Windows for Residential & Commercial Buildings

Australian Retrofitted Triple Glazed Windows for Residential & Commercial Buildings


Yakov Elgart

Organisation of Presenter:

Engineering & Scientific International, Australia


Windows are complex element of the buildings that not only connect your living or working spaces with the outdoors, but now attract increased attention as a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter.
This presentation will outline the benefits of the new patented product-Retrofitted Triple Glazed Windows (RTGW), suitable for commercial as well as residential applications. These new windows can be installed in situ over a cluster of existing single glazed windows.
The retrofit triple glazing system affords very substantial improvements in window U-value and yields performance similar to established, low-e double glazing with argon gas fill, when using the same frame.
RTGW can be customised – frames are designed for every window size, type and existing windows no need to be replaced.
Installation takes minutes with minimal business disruption, improving thermal comfort and productivity of personnel by reducing the influence of outside noise.
Can prevent condensation and mould growth. Building energy star rating also can be improved.
Retrofit triple glazed windows meet all safety regulations according to Australian standards.
Average reduction of energy loss through the windows is 75% and provides 40-50% savings from total energy costs.
Green gas emission and fossil fuel will also be reduced.