The Australian Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey

The Australian Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey


Lynne Gallagher

Organisation of Presenter:

Energy Consumers Australia, Australia


Energy Consumers Australia is undertaking a biannual Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey – the first ever national survey of 2000 households and 300 small business consumers.  The second survey will be launched in February 2017.  The Survey provides an indication of customers’ satisfaction, including whether consumers believe they are getting value for money, and whether they’d recommend their current retailer. It asks consumers how confident they are in their ability to choose the right energy products and services, and if they are buying or considering buying energy management technologies, or switching energy providers and plans.  Results are presented nationally, as well as by jurisdiction.  The Survey will inform decision-makers –  in government, regulators and industry – of changes in sentiment over time, and emerging market patterns, and become an increasingly important policy input, particularly in ensuring the development of the National Energy Market is consumer-driven.